Energy and Data Centers


Despite huge amounts of capital tied up in data centers, significant inefficiencies still exist. With average data center cost now threatening to crowd out other technology investment, the matter has become a board level concern. We expect data centers in the US to consume as much energy as 10 new major power plants by the end of this year.


A report by McKinsey Company assumed that by just building green energy efficient data centers would net the best value for their clients. They learned the most significant gains in performance and cost savings include improving environmental efficiency and making substantive changes in how they manage their data center portfolio. 


  • Optimize the energy and environmental systems
  • Rationalize demand for data center capacity
  • Optimize supply for data center capacity 


Highwire Energy was designed to produce point of use commercial energy for data centers while lowering the cooling energy requirements. This power plant can be installed next to and over the data center without accommodation or affecting existing equipment or roof. 

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Highwire Energy in 3D