Ecobaun is working to advance reliable solutions for construction, stormwater, energy and the human condition.


Ecostorm drainage system (EDS). The EDS is intended to catch and filter surface water and/or storm water runoff, providing a unique means to filter the water through a filter medium. The boxes are expandable for unlimited capacity and installed adjacent existing storm water alignments. The water is filtered, then routed back into the existing storm water system. System will also allow filtered water to infiltrate back into the ground water table. EDS is shown in this illustration as a uniquely designed open concrete precast concrete box supporting a traffic grate and containing removable water filter racks. 


Highwire Energy Systems (patent pending)

Highwire Energy Systems are simply a better way to distribute clean commercial energy. The system is architecturally balanced, lightweight, and elevated to allow dual land use. The energy can be located adjacent to or over new and existing commercial buildings without retrofit. And the system is prefabricated for economy. In fact, the cost per watt is usually cheaper than land or roof based systems requiring dedicated space.

The Highwire canopy height allows cooler air to circulate around buildings reducing energy demand while increasing human comport. An interesting report describing the urban heat island, its cause and effect. more.


  • Lower cost per watt.
  • Dual land use.
  • Power is consolidated, reducing square footage requirements.  
  • Scalable power with quick-connect energy booms.
  • System can articulate or be static set.
  • Individually engineered per location.
  • Simple, non-invasive installation.  
  • Increases the life of asphalt, car finishes and interior.
  • Superior employee comfort and health.


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